Cob trade


Many celebrities have bought corn from us, such as world and Olympic javelin champion Jānis Lūsis, film director Jānis Streičs. Pictured is politician Andris Buikis. 2006.


We have taken part in various fairs. The most successful, of course, has been the Michaelmas fair in Riga. 2009.

Ornamental corn

The women of our family, wife Ingrida and daughter Anna, really liked the decorative corn cobs, which were in demand in many flower shops. 2007.

Seed trade

We offer you of our selected sweet corn "Mežotnes saldā" with 1 cob on plant.

New seed price: 20 - 30 euro/kg.

The faster and bigger will be your purchase of our seeds, the cheaper will be the price per single seed. A single sweet corn seed (germination approx. 85%) will cost you 0,40 to 0,60 cents.

Even at the highest price, the cultivation of sweet corn can be profitable for you.

Riped sweet corn cobs can be sold at 2- 3,5 euro/kg in local marketplaces. Imported sweet corn cobs are sold at 1 EUR and more in the Supermarkets.

We invite you to become members of the investment cooperative Baltic Investment Umbrella with the perspective of accumulating pension capital in the future!